Under the Bridge

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Minerva Lions: "You and Yr Arrow"

Brooklyn's Minerva Lions cop a squat down near the old New York Dock Company's shipping area, what is now known as Pier 2 in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. With the skeleton of the shipping terminal (and the Brooklyn Bridge) as backdrop, the fellas deliver their new tune, "You and Yr Arrow" in an environment that will someday soon be swarmed with basketball players, as the pier is planned to become an urban recreational area. You can learn more about the background of the piers (and future plans for the park) here.

Minerva Lions features Jared Samuel (vocals, melodica & keys), Tim Kuhl (drums), Joseph McCaffrey (guitar), Thomas Bryan Eaton (guitar), and not present in this shoot is guitar player Grey McMurray.

You can learn about upcoming Minerva Lions shows and listen to their EP here: http://www.invisiblefamiliars.com/minervalions

The Bridge Sessions crew: Directed by K. Mackenzie. Audio Re-Mastering by R. Rabnett at Quirk Audio. Shot in October 2011.