Under the Bridge

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Foy Vance: Into the Fire

You know those sun-drenched fall afternoons in New York where even an over-stuffed garbage can beneath the Pulaski Bridge looks somehow beautiful in its willingness not to fall apart? No?  Well, now you do.  Hear Foy Vance serenade some of the underbelly of Greenpoint - the graffiti, the barbed wire, the busy passersby and yes, the trash can, while the eerie whiz of Pulaski traffic adds a lonesome harmony above and the Chrysler Building beckons in the distance.  Foy delivers a gorgeous rendition of "Into the Fire" from his Melrose EP from Communion Records.

If you haven't heard this record yet, you truly must - a Bridge Sessions favorite of 2012.  Available on iTunes here.

Check out more about Foy's upcoming shows on his website here, and keep up to date with tales from the road on his blog, here.

The Bridge Sessions crew: Directed by K. Mackenzie. Audio Re-mastering by Quirk Audio. Thanks to S. Landy and A. Ryerson at 'stachemedia. Shot in October 2012, Pulaski Bridge in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC.