Under the Bridge

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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: "Black Wall Street"

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey roll through Brooklyn at the tail end of a nationwide tour, and because of torrential rains in the 718 area code, we are forced to bring the bridge indoors for this UNDER THE BRIDGE shoot!

The management of the newly-opened Red Hook Comfort Inn allowed us to hang the Brooklyn Bridge on the wall, as Brian Haas, josh Raymer, Chris Combs and Jeff Harshbarger unleash with "Black Wall Street" in the lobby.  The song comes from their recent "Race Riot Suite" and, in fact, does not refer to the activity happening not far away in lower manhattan at #occupywallstreet, but refers to the devastating story of the 1921 Tulsa race riot -- a real estate driven ethnocide occurring under the guise of citizen-dispensed justice. The oil-elite, civic government and local press colluded to take advantage of a racially tense climate in Jim Crow-era Oklahoma, resulting in the death of hundreds of black Tulsans and the destruction of an entire city district.

To learn more about the Race Riot Suite and to check on upcoming tour dates, please visit: jfjo.com/projects/race-riot-suite

The Bridge Sessions crew: Directed by K. Mackenzie. Audio Re-Mastering by R. Rabnett at Quirk Audio. Shot in October 2011.